The HG-1 and HG-1E are modular, fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles suited for a wide range of applications. including those that require significant payloads and all-day flight.  With a maximum payload of 12 lbs. and a flight duration up to 8 hours at full payload, it is uniquely capable of carrying multiple sensors for surveying large and complex landscapes as well as long duration reconnaissance missions.

Each model is configurable during manufacturing to fit multiple flight profiles.


        10 ft. Wingspan, 7 ft. in Length

        15 lbs. Dry Weight

        Up to a 12 lbs. Payload

        1-2 gal. Fuel Capacity

        36 lbs. Max Takeoff

        4-Stroke Gas or Electric Motor

        2-Blade Propeller


        300 ft./min. Climb Rate

        6-8 hrs. Endurance

        25 Knots Stall Velocity

        35-45 Knots Cruise Velocity

        60-80 Knots Burst Velocity

        13,000 ft. ALS Max. Operating


Product Spec Sheet: