ISAB Intelligent Batteries

Intelligent Battery
Intelligent Battery
Intelligent Battery

Battery capacity is dependent on radio make and model.

The ISAB Intelligent Battery is superior to lower capacity, non-intelligent OE batteries traditionally supplied in 2-way communication radios.  Unlike standard batteries, intelligent batteries combined with intelligent chargers display actual capacity and battery life.  This information aids the operator in the determination of battery life for mission critical power needs.  ISAB Intelligent Batteries come standard in Badger Werx 2-way Radios.  The ISAB Intelligent Batteries are IP-67 rated and come with a 2-year warranty.

Depending on daily use and talk time, the ISAB Intelligent Batteries and the IBRC Intelligent Battery Chargers provide 3 to 9 months longer battery life than standard non-intelligent batteries.

Product Spec Sheet:

MSRP:  $40.00 - $100.00

ECDS Cold Weather Battery

Cold Weather Battery

The ECDS Cold Weather Battery has the capability to operate up to 10 days at -40C and down to -60C when used with optional additional cell and heater kit by utilizing custom Li-Ion cells.  Multiple form factors available as required by mission constraints.

Product Features:

  • 14.8V Nominal Voltage

  • 10Ah Nominal Capacity

  • Operating Range:  -40C, -60C with Optional Additional Cell and Heater Kit

  • Multiple Form-Factor Variations Available as Required by Mission Constraints

Product Spec Sheet: