Multifunction RF Analysis Platform

SigBase 4000Multifunction RF Analysis Platform

The SigBase Multifunctional RF Analysis Platform enables autonomous wideband data collection in dynamic environments while providing superior insight for spectral analysis. The system utilizes an automatic signal detect program to derive data from complex spectral environments that can be utilized for on-demand reporting.

System Features:

  • Detection of Illegal or Unlicensed Broadcasts Impacting P25 / Cellular Systems

  • Inference Hunting

  • Spectrum Exchange / Clearing / Swap

  • Design & Optimization for Macro, Small Cell, DAS & Wi-Fi, P25

  • Security / Public Safety Multifunctional, Ruggedized Laptop / Tablet Combination

  • Offers Both Attended and Unattended Operations

  • Utilizes Read and React Logic to Send Customized Triggers & Alarms

  • Internal GPS Antenna and Mapping Provides Drive Test Capability

  • Direct Connect to other SigBase Units in the Field for Command Control and Location Finding

  • Integrated, Lightning Fast Transceiver (Up to 24 GHz per Second), Enabling Wideband Spectrum Analysis

  • Linux-Based Laptop with Optional Windows VM

  • Fiber Test / Scope (USB Integrated Probe)

  • Wi-Fi Test (RSSI) Functionality (2/2017)

  • IQ Record Option


Size (W x H x D)
13.7" x 8.78" x 1.34"
5.31 lbs.
Communication Links
Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Mobile Radio
512 GB SSD (Option with Pelican Enclosure up to 2 TB)
8 GB DDR3 / Expandable to 16 GB
External Power Input
AC Adapter (65W, 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz)
Operating Temperature Range                                
0C to 60C (Without Condensation)
Storage Temperature Range
0C to 70C (Without Condensation)
Frequency Range
70 MHz to 6 GHz
Pelican Enclosure
Available as Optional Feature
Thermal Management
Heat Pipe with Fan
Digital Channel Bandwidth
Up to 40 MHz
Noise Floor
As Low As -124 dBm at 1 MHz
Resolution Bandwidth
As Low As 1 KHz
Sweep Speed
30+ GHz per Second
Internal with 1 PPS Input (Option)
Typical TX Output Power
+10 dBm (+13 dBm < 2 GHz)
TX Gain Range
+0-80 dB, 1 dB Steps

Product Spec Sheet: