Mobile Base Station

BMBS Mobile Base Station
BMBS RollaTube
BMBS Solar Panel

The BMBS Mobile Base Station is a self-contained, rugged, integrated solution for quickly creating a communication base station.  The quick and simple setup allows for immediate command and control of remote radios.  The BMBS provides higher power communication from the Tactical Operation Center (TOC) or Forward Operating Base (FOB) for greater ease in communication.

System Contains:

  • Portable Base Radio

  • Power Supply Enclosure

  • Backup Battery

  • Desk Mic

  • 50' Coax Antenna Cable

  • Base Antenna with RolaTube Antenna Mast or Tripod

  • Solar Panels

  • OPTIONAL:  Command and Control Mapping when paired with a PC/Tablet

Product Spec Sheet:

MSRP:  $22,000.00 - $30,200.00