Vehice Booster Kit

BVDNT Vehicle Booster Kit

The BVDNT Vehicle Booster Kit is designed to transform a handheld UAP Radio to a mobile radio.  The amplifier will boost the UAP Radio frequency range from 140 MHz to 175 MHz and the output to 150w for VHF and 120w for UHF.

Kit Contains:

  • 150w Amplifier 2w-150w Configurable, IP Accessible

  • Connecting Cable Radio to Amplifier, with SMA to BNC Adapter

  • DC Cabling to Vehicle Electrical System, Power Pole to Ring with In-Line Fuse Holder

  • VHF 3dB Gain Broadband Vertical Whip Antenna, NMO Mount

  • Antenna Permanent Mount with 12' Coaxial Cable with PI259 Termination

  • Antenna Temporary Magnetic Mount Base with 12' Coaxial Cable with PI259

  • Drop-in Radio Charger Kit 12-24 VDC with In-Line Fuse 

Product Spec Sheets:

MSRP:  $3,200.00